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ad·vo·ca·cy: ˈad-və-kə-sē) the act or process of promoting or supporting a cause or proposal.

The number one service we provide as HAT is to voice concerns and to protect our industry from unfair and anti-competitive laws and regulations, excessive taxation, bureaucratic red tape, and government policies and practices across a broad spectrum of tourism-related issues that make it more difficult to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our Advocacy Process is facts- and analysis-based, and in additional identifying problems, will also include proposed solutions.

The success stories:

  1. Tanapa concession fees; in October 2010 TANAPA and HAT agreed on the following contract for all accommodation in TANAPA area.
  2. Public Private Partnership (PPP); together with our Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism a biannual discussion has been agreed upon where the representation of all players in the Tourism Industry from both the Public and the Private Sector are meeting. For a rundown of the meeting click the link:  TCT-Minutes of PPD Meeting Sept 2010

The issues we are currently tackling:

  1. Tourism Development Levy (TDL); On Thursday 4th April, the Ministry introduced an Agenda item on TDL,  informing the Tourism Stakeholders that a Tourism Development Levy is to be introduced effective July 1st, 2013, which will require every registered tourism accommodation facility to collect a ‘bed night’ levy of 2% from every tourist. The Tourism Regulations for TDL have already been published in the Government Notice No. 218 (dated 22 June 2012). To view the Regulations please CLICK HEREFollowing interpositions by the Private Sector that this matter was never been brought to the attention of the Private Sector and that no prior consultations have been made as per the Minister’s request and encouragement, the Hon. Minister has decided to spend further deliberations on the subject matter and that the Ministry will have internal discussions and thereafter revert back to us. On 8th April, HAT sent a formal request to the Minister for a meeting, to which he has personally acknowledged and has assured to meet with us before the end of April to discuss this matter and how to move forward.
  2. TALA licenses; there is a dispute on “who” needs to have a TALA license. According to us, it should be only the business entity, where the Ministry wants each and every accommodation to pay for a license. A legal opinion has been prepared and presented to the previous Permanent Secretary. Now we have to wait for the new team in the Ministry to tackle this issue with us.
  3. POWER problems; we have sent a letter to the Ministry of Energy regarding Power Problems to voice our concerns and to ask action on the basis of proposed solutions.

We can’t do this alone. Our industry and the tourism industry as a whole needs to speak with one voice if it is to be heard.  In addition to our work with the PPD and the Tanzanian Confederation of Tourism, we need your support and ideas.