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The certified apprenticeship programme in the Hotels operations is a joint training initiative championed by Hotels Association Tanzania (HAT) and Tourism confederation of Tanzania (TCT) in collaboration with National College of Tourism (NCT) with support from International Labour organization (ILO). It is aimed at supporting relevant skills development in the Hotels sector to help create a pool of properly trained young people interested in working in the Hotels and hospitality sector.

What are the benefits of the Hotel Apprenticeship Program?

  1. It is one of the direct ways that employers can influence the quality of skills and competence of their future workforce thereby reducing costs of retraining, hire and fire and of hiring foreign workers
  2. It is part of corporate social responsibility which has direct effect on employability of locally trained youth
  3. Employers get the opportunity to recruit directly from among the apprentices training in their hotels and build a network of others for future recruitments
  4. Opportunity to get new innovative ideas from motivated new and young apprentices
  5. Hotel staff, have access to ToT programme run by National college of Tourism on curriculum