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HAP Arusha

The 2017 apprenticeship program is NOW open for Hotels and Applicants. Contact us if you are interested and for additional information

What is the Hotel Apprenticeship Program- ARUSHA?

After the success of the initial pilot project in Dar es Salaam, the Hotel Association of Tanzania replicated the initial mode in 2015 in Arusha. The Hotel Apprenticeship Program- ARUSHA is a 2-year program for hospitality enthusiasts from Tanzania, between the age of 17-25 years within Arusha as well as the outskirts of Arusha such as Karatu, Moshi, Tanga to mention a few. This program is for all youth looking to start a career in hospitality, allowing them to take their first steps in the job market and giving them an opportunity to quickly progress to a supervisory level. During the first year of their programs, candidates will be exposed to all departments of the hotel, thereafter in the second year, candidates will have the possibility to choose from our 4 main specialisation area:

  1. Culinary Arts (Food Production Operations)
  2. Food and Beverage Operations
  3. Front Office Operations
  4. Housekeeping and Laundry Operations

What are the requirements for participating Hotels?

  1. Hotels should have at least 3 functioning hotel departments within their establishments
  2. Hotels should have minimum operations during the low seasons
  3. Hotels should enter into a training agreement/apprenticeship contract with the students
  4. Hotels should have a representative supervisor that will oversee the apprentice progress during their time at the workplace
  5. Hotels should be able to provide a maximum monthly allowance of TSH 150,000 during the apprentice time at work. Hotels can pay more if they wish. ( this is not subjected to payee, SDL or NSSF )
  6. Hotels should ensure not to turn the apprentice into cheap labour and has to ensure that the apprentice covers all the prescribed modules under the supervision and guidance of a trained and experienced supervisor.
  7. Hotel should be able to handle other costs related to the hotel such as uniform, meals accommodation, and transport ( if and wherever applicable)


What is the recruiting process like?


How many students are we taking in Arusha this year?

For each hotel, we encourage a maximum of 5 apprentices and a minimum of 2 apprentices. We want to make sure the apprentice get a personalised experience and attention to grow and develop within each property.  For Arusha, we are looking to have at least 100 apprentices.