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What We Do

Our role is centred on advocating and lobbying so as to achieve the best and optimal solutions for both the private sector and government.


Advocacy and Lobbing

HAT’s core role is centred on advocating and lobbying so as to achieve the best and optimal solutions for both the private sector and government side. In light of meeting this goal, a number of initiatives and activities are being done, working hand in hand with the government, other associations and the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania and international organisations so as to protect tourism stakeholders’ interests; more dedicated however to the hotel industry.

Representing the hospitality sub-sector and tourism sector at all important engagements, meetings, dialogues and committees.

HAT attends several consultative meetings organised by the government and their respective departments to discuss how to overcome challenges in the private sector and stagnation of growth in the economy. HAT also organizes some of the consultative meetings, to communicate and deliberate on new and existing issues covering fiscal, policy and administrative matters affecting the sector.

HAT, in collaboration with TCT and other tourism private sector associations with support from BEST Dialogue and USAID Protect, engage parliamentarians and key government stakeholders to better understand the opportunities of Tanzania tourism by first understanding and tackling the challenges presented by the private sector especially the tourism industry.

HAT CEO sits on board of the Association of Tanzanian Employers, and a member of the Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Tourism a member of the branding committee and national heritage month committee which gives HAT members immediate information on ongoing issues of destination branding and tourism diversity initiatives.


Representing our Members on the National Stage

To name a few, the CEO is a member of TBS tourism and related services committee responsible for preparation of ISO standards that TBS is working on adopting for the tourism and accommodation sector. The CEO is also a member of the Greater Serengeti Conservation Society which is responsible for the continuous and progressive assessment of the conservation of the Mara-Serengeti-NCA ecosystem. The CEO sits on several boards and committees representing the voice of the Association’s members and get information on ongoing issues affecting the sector.


Organise Internal Consultative Meetings amongst Members

HAT organizes smaller consultative meetings amongst its members to discuss any issues pertaining to the sector and how to proceed forward. These meetings are organized to help members to deal with more specific issues rather than cross-cutting issues, that may be affecting only a certain portion of members.


A source for sub-sector and Industry information

HAT is recognised as the representative of the hospitality sector and an important stakeholder by the government. As a result, all government communications with regards to legislative, fiscal and administrative changes are communicated to HAT, which in turn are shared with our members for comments and feedback to the Government.

Strategic Issues

The Hotels Association vision is to make Tanzanian Hospitality ‘globally competitive and viable’ for the stakeholders, who include members, employees, local communities, suppliers and the Government. The realisation of this vision cannot be done by HAT alone, but HAT in its mission, objectives, goals and targeted outcomes aims to contribute to the attainment of this vision.

As such, HAT’s core objective in its role to the above is to defend the rights and interests of the accommodation business in Tanzania, and through its membership strength, it aims to influence the sustainable growth of tourism. Accommodation facilities are a key integral part of the experience of a tourist. Protecting their interests and fostering their quality and growth eventually has the desired impact of improving the tourist experience and increasing the number of tourist arrivals in the country.

  • Engagements with all key and relevant decision-makers relating to the business environment

  • Communicating achieved results to members and the wider public.

  • Creation of programs, services, and events that will have value for members.

  • Enhancing effectiveness in HAT’s operations by equipping it with the right resources.

  • Ensuring sustained cash flow and diversifying sources of funding.

  • Positioning HAT as the voice of hotels and accommodation facility providers in Tanzania.