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Apprenticeship Programme

HAT has been part of the Apprenticeship programme through its inception and launch and piloting in 2013. HAT’s role during the programme’s formative stages included providing a technical support in designing the Apprenticeship programme as a labour market relevant skills programmes as well as determining existing skills gaps in the Tanzania’s hospitality industry.

HAT also works with the ILO to mobilize Tanzania’s leading hotels and resorts to take part in the programme as well as enrol their hotel supervisors and trainers in specialised Training of Trainers (TOT). Such workshops are key to introducing hotel managers, HR teams and trainers to the concept of apprenticeships as well as teaching and assessment tools needed.

HAT continues to participate in training and monitoring of programmes; as well as jointly working with The National College of Tourism (NCT) as a training partner to develop and improve the Apprenticeship framework.

The apprenticeship programme is funded by the Government of Norway and launched by the Government of Tanzania, The Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT), The Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT), The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE), with technical assistance from ILO.