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Code of Conduct

  1. To adhere to operate following the the laws and regulations of the Tanzania.
  2. To maintain high standards of hospitality and to ensure that facilities and services advertised are offered.
  3. To deal promptly and courteously with all enquiries, reservations, correspondence and complaints from guests.
  4. To clearly state in advertisements, on websites, and through other promotional channels what is included or excluded, including taxes and surcharges; and to provide each guest with a bill and receipt that provides a detailed accounting of charges incurred during their stay.
  5. To describe fairly, online, in print, and in other forms, the amenities, facilities and services provided by the establishment.
  6. To ensure, within the bounds of legal liability, the safety of guests and staff alike and their possessions.
  7. To discourage payment of commission to establishments other than licensed tour operators or travel agents.
  8. To support workforce and career development within the industry, by providing employees with ongoing training and education and advancement opportunities.
  9. To actively participate in initiatives aimed at improving the environment, the product and quality of service within the Tanzanian hospitality industry.
  10. To actively support, where possible communities neighbouring communities through Company Social Responsibility.