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Breakfast meeting – Employing people with disabilities

6th March, 2012

The meeting was organized for a number of hotels by the team at CCBRT. The aim was to educate hospitality employers, like other employers, who are often concerned that the work environment is not suitable for people with disabilities nor understand their abilities to add value to the workplace.

However, with professional support, many are becoming more open to employing people with disabilities.

CCBRT is a disability hospital that provides a wide range of affordable and curative services to people with visual and physical impairments. Radar Development is a unique recruitment agency specialising in assisting people with disabilities to find formal employment and CEFA, an Italian non-governmental organization, runs vocational training courses in housekeeping and cooking for people with disabilities.

Students are selected through Radar and attend three months of classes in at CEFA’s training centre and hostel in Dar es Salaam. The courses also involve English language and sessions on ethics, workplace behaviour and professional relationships.

All trainees also undergo a three month placement in hotels, restaurants, bakeries and cleaning companies. They are exposed to the work environment and employers can assess their potential and train them further. Feedback from companies shows that the trainees are not only skilled but also have the right attitude, commitment and motivation.

Services include:

* Disability recruitment services and follow-up after placement

* Provision of information and advice

* Training on disability awareness

* Professional disability audits

* Advice on inclusive workplace adjustments

Current hotels employing people with disabilities are: Hotel Slipway, Seacliff Hotel, Seacliff Court and Southern Sun. All have expressed their satisfaction of the high level of commitment shown by the employees.

CEFA is also seeking for hotel supervisors/management to offer occasional lectures to the students at their vocational centre. To take part in this worthwhile cause, please contact: ……………………………

Radar Development:

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