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End of Year Updates 2018


The most pending issue for HAT working with TCT was the follow-up meeting with TRA that was due to take place in Dar. We kept being assured that the meeting would take place, and even reached the approval phase from the CG. Unfortunately, there has been quite some restructuring at TRA the past few weeks, and it has been confirmed that the former Commissioner for Domestic Revenue who we were working closely with this no longer holds that position along with several other managers we had engaged in our Arusha session. As a result, a follow-up meeting does not seem to be a new insight.


We had also officially written to OSHA for an official engagement to discuss possible future reforms. You will recall, our office did meet the DG and the minutes of that meeting were sent on the email OSHA MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS AND OTHERS, and OSHA Employer’s Guide sent by Jennifer. Please do refer to this when OSHA visit your offices. I have still been receiving several complaints/queries with regards to OSHA. Many of the directives are there. Please NOTE: you are NOT required by law to purchase an OSHA kit (which includes laws, regulations, guidelines etc).

Unfortunately, though we have had good communication with the DG’s office, she has still not managed to find a date for the proposed engagement although she is keen. It seems there too there quite some changes coming in terms of the institution.

3. Meetings with the Commissioners of Labour and Immigration

We sent through our second appeal via ATE as advised. The PMO’s office has not yet been responsive to neither our request nor ATE’s for a meeting, they have not refused but have not responded. Immigration are much more welcoming however, our biggest issue is labour at the moment. Therefore, unfortunately for now we have no updates of when this meeting is likely to be.

Immigration have recently gone electronic, and the plan was always that they would merge their applications with Labour’s applications once more for permits.

They have NOT yet gone electronic on permits despite the hype and announcement, and I was told it is because they are waiting for Labour who (because of their move to Dodoma) have quite a back log on pending issues and permits.

I have found the Immigration office in Dar to be very helpful though I am aware that the regional offices can be quite cumbersome.

Check out :
And I can attest that they do reply to their email addresses mentioned – well at least

4. CHODAWU Negotiations

In our last board meeting, it was a request from some members that HAT find a way to coordinate the negotiations done by accommodation facilities and CHODAWU. To take this on board properly we would need to know which members now deal with CHODAWU on an annual basis for salary negotiations and if you would like to part of a coalition? As a member of ATE and a Board Member, given their experience with negotiation for employers in general and trade unions, we would plan to work with them on this issue.

5. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings Galore:

If anything, this year has not lacked it’s share of meetings, endless, it’s hard to keep up with the minutes, but the Secretariat is preparing a report of the outcomes of the most important ones and what we are waiting for from each. Needless to say it can feel very useless to attend these meetings, but I have also experienced the danger of not attending them, if our voice is not at the table, some of options tabled are even more dangerous than the ones that come through due to not necessary the intention but ignorance of the subject matters.

HAT recently represented the tourism sector at a Trade and Services for the Eastern African Region and spoke about tourism investment.

There are a lot of new trends, the blue economy being a big new in. It certainly remains a challenge our cooperation with the rest of the community including the fact that we are still not fully engaged with the community as we have not ratified any agreements and unfortunately our government was the only one not represented at the meeting.

That said, our last engagements with government planned are:

a. an upcoming awareness session to MPs in Karatu in Meeting con with TATO 29th November, 2018.
b. Selous Stakeholders’ Meeting
c. Hopefully the Commissioners for Labour and Immigration

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