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PS of Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources met with Tourism stakeholders in Dar

Issues raised:

  • It was proposed and stressed once again the need to have equal representations in tourism authority boards. This not only fosters transparency, but as well ensures that the decisions made lead to a win-win situation.
  • The current inspection by Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. The legality of the exercise is questionable. Different members gave account of how the exercise was carried out in a hostile manner
  • Business environment.
  • Permits issue
  • It was suggested that private sector should not engage the parliamentary committee without referring to the Ministry concerned¬†first – which is always a point of contact, however, given that the PC is the check and balance for the Ministry, it acts as an appeal body

Remarks from TCT

It was stressed that the business environment has highly deteriorated, and this is mainly due to inconsistency in policies. This hurts businesses as with every new Minister that comes, new regulations and guidelines mushroom. Advised for there to be a tourism policy that the Minister follows and maybe revises according to need but not completely throw away and start a fresh. 

It was noted that the government gives so much emphasis on paying of taxes, but does not put the same energy to create enabling environment for them. The big question is what does the business get after paying of taxes? This is highly discouraging for businesses. 

Remarks from PS  

He remarked that he is committed to see the blueprint in action, using tourism sector as a pilot. He was personally responsible for seeing through the blueprint and is therefore very committed to its implementation. He pointed out that the notable contribution of the blueprint was to separate regulatory motives from revenue motives.

He asked all tourism associations to prepare a brief of all immediate issues to be tackled and send to his office which has been done. The PS will be meeting with PSs of different ministries where he will present the issues and he will coordinate to jointly strategise on way forward.

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