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21st April, 2012: The Launching of AWOTTA

AWOTTA has come into being with a list of 25 committed members from diverse locations- Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Mwanza, Tanga, Moshi and Bunda. Its launch was sponsored by Hotel Association of Tanzania (HAT) and Tanzania Private sector Foundation- Cluster Competitiveness program (CCP). The Association kicked off with an introductory Seminar in the morning which was addressed by the guest of honour, US Embassy in Tanzania Public Affairs Officer, Ms. Dana L. Banks. AWOTTA welcomed her encouraging remarks. Ms. Banks noted it was imperative to consider that no nation – including the U.S. – can attain its fullest potential without the immense talent and contributions of women.
According to Ms. Banks, few nations could boast the unlimited opportunities Tanzania enjoys in tourism sector, and women should play a great role to unleash that potential. She promised her office would partner with AWOTTA in the future as America was committed to fostering sustained economic growth abroad through education, women’s empowerment programs, and to encourage individuals including women leaders to lead forward through their own ideas and efforts.
The launch cocktail took place in the evening where the Director of Tourism Mr Ibrahim A. Mussa was the guest of honour. He commended women in tourism for the initiative to come up with the association. He said empowerment of women through tourism was possible and promised AWOTTA his office would be willing to work on recommendations made by the association to the government.
Kenya Association of Women in Tourism (KAWT) chairperson Faith Kithu also attended the launch cocktail and said the launching of AWOTTA was a big milestone for Tanzanians women in tourism industry. She informed the director of tourism that any time Tanzania government needs to work with women in tourism, AWOTTA members are available.

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