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February 2018 News Updates

We have been busy at HAT preparing our annual plan, budgets, activities, and adding some capacity so as to continue to move HAT forward:

1. Our team has received a new HAT team member as of 22nd January 2018. Her name is Jennifer Kalemera. She will replace Marianne Rushaigo but take on the role of Members Liason In due course, she will get acquainted with you in one form or another. For full profiles of the Secretariat please see attached file.

2. We are joined again by Ms. Fatma Khamis, who was with HAT in the past as Executive Secretary. She will be consulting with us for three months on a members outreach program not only in Dar, and Arusha but further to Dodoma, Mwanza and Karatu.

3. HAT is organising an event in collaboration with Association of Women in Tanzanian Tourism and TTB on the 25th February 2018. The forum will be held at Dunia – an all women-operated camp in Serengeti National Park. The event is titled Women in Tourism Forum as part of the International Women’s Day held every year on March 8th. The focus will be on changing mindsets about the role of women in society and participation of women in the tourism labour market. For those of you who would like more information and if you would wish to nominate someone to participate, please contact me for more information on the event and logistics. Of course, due to the to the nature of the venue – Serengeti National Park, and being peak season there, we do have very limited space available.

4. Lastly, HAT is proud to announce that it has been working since the late last year to update its website. The new website will be ready 17th February 2018. On the new website, members will be able to have access to minutes of all meetings attended, an interactive calendar showcasing upcoming meetings, events etc, as many laws and regulations that we can find online that relate to our industry – in short, we hope it to be your one-stop 🙂 you to go spot for anything you will want to know about what is happening with and at HAT.

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