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Work permit presentation by MLYED

Dear HAT Members,

In addition to the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Employment & Disability (MLYED) presentation on Work Permits previously shared, I share with you the below very useful information for your reference. I will arrange to have this information posted on our website on the ‘Members Only Section’ for ease of access in the future.

I continue to encourage members to share with me when they get contradicting information and fees from officials as I am working with Immigration and MLYED to showcase the inconsistency and misinformation of what their officials are advising stakeholders when it comes to processing work and resident permits. I have informed them that many of the problems are caused from their side and that they need to address internally.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please take note that fees are paid for two different documents i.e. Work permit and Residence permit

Class A = USD 1,000
Class B = USD 500
Class C = USD 1,000
Class D = USD 500
Class E = Gratis
NB: these are processing fees and non – refundable

Class A = USD 2,500
Class B = USD 2,000

You can go through fee structures that were presented at the meeting by Acting Commissioner General of Immigration Maadam Victoria Lembeli for other classes and passes.

You can further note that for Investors registered through TIC or EPZA there is additional 10% facilitation fee for any application processed through these authorities (that is for both work permit and residence permit)

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